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A good education can change anyone. A good teacher can change everything…

par | 18 Juil 2022 | Action, Productivité

A380 Smack

In my career as a professional life coach, I am constantly striving to improve and grow so I can share my increasing knowledge with my clients. I have taught previously in different disciplines from English to biology and physics as well as aerodynamics and flying. However, never in my life have I been faced with so many new challenges and opportunities for growth than as with my practice.

Humans in general fascinate me.

The place where someone is born, the birth order, the culture, religion and environment all have an influence on how a person constructs their beliefs and habits. Education for one is a major cornerstone of one’s personality base. Then, as one evolves, many more factors come into play. Work, country, social interactions, choices, mental patterns, awakening to spirituality… All these details taken apart do not seem to influence success or failure in one’s life but as a coach, I have learnt to look at the big picture and then start dissecting to get to the chore. There I find emotional wounds that were experienced during childhood have made their impact and printed themselves in the unconscious part to then reappear during adulthood in all sorts of behaviors that can be both challenging and sometimes damaging.

My job is to dig deep, find the events, help the person become conscious about them and from there start the healing part to be able to transform their lives. Many times, I realize that as I help my clients obtain better results in their lives, I help myself as well. For teachers can only teach what they still have to learn… When I was a professional pilot, we had a saying. Pilots who can’t fly teach and pilots who cannot teach become examiners. That is a little harsh in my opinion and not quite exact but the true part in there is that we are all teachers and students. Through our interactions we learn and share and grow. That is the beauty of life… So today, what do you still have to learn? And how will you find the teacher to acquire the specific knowledge that you seek? Will it be a clerk at the grocery store, a yoga teacher you just happened to meet on the street, one of your children’s friend with a pertinent view of the world?

Open your ears and your heart and let the flow of knowledge penetrate your sphere. Know that you too, are a teacher to others. Never underestimate the power of sharing and don’t hesitate to let your voice heard. We are all teachers and scholars in this wonderful experience that we call… LIFE !